Synopsis and Plot Summary


„The Secret of Pin-Up Island” is not only a film about a young girl who is trying to solve her past issues. It’s a film about us, the people. „The Secret of Pin-Up Island” is a journey through the emotions that define our personalities which we often hide, either because we are afraid of them or because we do not want to recognize them.

Plot Summary

“The Secret of Pin-Up Island” focuses on heroic efforts of one girl to fight with her past. Alesia is suffering from loneliness after all members of her family passed away. She fears the future so her goal is to solve the past issues.

The action is taking place in a weird location, an abandoned factory, inhabited by weird girls who are trying to transform this place into their home.

After Alesia escapes from the room where she was trapped, we find out that she doesn’t know how she got there. She can remember her past but she cannot remember the moment she got locked inside that room. All that she knows, from one voice recorded on a tape, is that she was selected for the International PIN-UP Project.

Around 99.7% of Earth’s population was infected with a lethal virus. The human race will soon disappear. That is why the PIN-UP founders, are recruiting people able to lead the human species forward. They subject them to tests and if they pass, they will witness history being written. A new beginning for life on earth. This is what Alesia finds out on her first moments spent in this factory. The Pin-Up founders promise Alesia to be part of the new civilization. But for this, she has to gather a crew in order to start looking for the place where they are already developing the new civilization. In order to do this all, she must find the map to the island and the encrypted key to unlock the factory exit.

The film is unique because of its style. It tries to transpose a point-and-click adventure game into a movie. It has humor, tension, drama and a lot of puzzles.