Our story

We’ve started 2 years ago when Alecs Nastoiu, the director of The Secret of Pin-Up Island shot a music video in the ‘Azo Mures’ abandoned factory. He liked the location so much that he wanted to use it as an environment for a feature film. First idea when you see this factory surely is to write a script for a zombie movie. It’s an abandoned factory with a lot of untouched rooms and objects. The feeling when you first get there is that a virus killed all workers and the place is now in quarantine. The more interesting thing is that this factory had been producing film for photo and movie cameras. It was closed in 2004 when digital age has started to grow. So in his mind this film should have been done with any cost.

He also had an idea to shoot a documentary about this factory built by the Japanese in 80’s. But he thought that a feature film can be a nice tribute to this factory as well. You can find out its story anyway.

So he called Patrik Hurtupan, his co-writer and they had started to think about the new script. It was the autumn of 2016. This factory came with such a wonderful vibe that the script was ready in the winter of the same year. Next step was to calculate the budget and understand how difficult is to shoot this movie. The estimated budget of the film was around 900.000 dollars. At this point Alecs called his producer Ovidiu Vasu and they started to plan the production. They have experience in making independent films after the big success they had with Billion Star Hotel, 19 times awarded and 52 times selected in festivals all over the world. Taking this film as an example,  the plan was like this: write a short script for a trailer, find actors, find crew, shoot it and after that work on post production. With the final edit go and find sponsors. And of course, in the same time write a project for a crowdfunding campaign. It’s a difficult work, but who said that it’s easy to make a film?

But something wonderful happened while they were trying to find a crew for shooting the trailer. These people liked so much the script that they told Alecs and Ovidiu that it would be better to shoot the entire film rather than shooting just the trailer. So out of nothing they gathered the key members in their crew: main actress from Moscow Rina Grishina, the DOP from Bucharest Lulu de Hillerin, Ovidiu Gramesc who came with professional camera and sound equipment, money and a lot of help from Ovidiu Ungureanu, Dan Masca, Ovidiu Maior and Ovidiu Halmagean (not everybody in Transylvania is called Ovidiu, it’s just coincidence). In just one month they got 50 partners and sponsors that covered almost 500K dollars of the production budget. So instead of shooting a trailer in 2 days, they got all the resources to shoot the entire film in 2 weeks. It wasn’t easy but with the support of 47 co-producers they did it. Almost all members of the crew and actresses came to this project without asking for money. They came as a part of their team.

We finished the production of the film and we can say that it looks AWESOME. Now we are working on post production. We will let you know about the process soon.