I was born in November, 1982 in Bucharest, Romania. When I was young I was attracted to puzzles, magic and mathematics. None of these elements conducts you to think of my desire to pursue a career in film. I did not know that as well. But these small pleasures outlined my personality and have led to my choice in profession.

During High School, at “Saint Sava” National College in Bucharest, I learned how to combine business with pleasure. Childhood pleasures correlated with film directing at last. As in cinematography you have to be very calculated, must pay a lot of attention to details, must solve complex situations, you have to be patient and have to catch the interest of the viewers in a pleasant way. All in one: math, puzzles and magic.

In 2007, I got my degree in film and television directing at the University of Drama and Cinematography “IL Caragiale” (UNATC) in Bucharest. After university, I have started working as a director for music videos, commercials and documentaries.

I am the founder of SHORT to the Point International Short Film Festival and co-founder of Moscow Shorts ISFF.

I am also the founder of Cultural Association “Green Art Tour”, where I have started developing projects, all these years till present. As a result of my project on personal development of children through cultural and artistic expressions in 2012, I wrote the first volume of an ‘illustrated novel for kids’ called “Voice of Matthew “- the Sunday when we saved the planet – a book that looks at empowering children in regards with environment protection.

In 2013, I developed in Targu Mures, alongside producer Ovidiu Vasu my first independent feature film. It is called “Billion Star Hotel” and had its premiere in Romania, in February 20, 2016. Billion Star Hotel has 19 awards and 52 selections at film festivals around the world.

Well, I’m not the most popular filmmaker in the world. But I’m not a beginner or obscure either. I am attracted to puzzles, magic and mathematics. And THE SECRET OF PIN-UP ISLAND has all this.