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A film is made 3 times. First when you write. Second when you shoot. And third, in post production. Each phase has its own challenges and triumphs and each is unique in its own right. Since post production is the final part of the process, this is where execution matters most. Our film, The Secret of Pin-Up Island is here, in the third and final phase. And we need to execute an experience that deserves the audience’s time.

This is why we are asking you to join our crew! We finished the production of the film and we can say that it looks AWESOME. Now we need to pay for sound mixing, color correction, VFX, and a whole bunch of other things that make a film look and sound great, and the more money we can raise, the easier and faster we can execute. The sooner we can do this, the sooner we can be on the road to getting this story out there.

If you can’t contribute monetarily, that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Sharing our Indiegogo page, as well as following our social media sites can help spread the word about our project!


Many thanks to our crew: Rina Grishina, Alecs Nastoiu, Ovidiu Radian Vasu, Patrik Hurtupan, Ovidiu Ungureanu, Dan Mașca, Ovidiu Halmagean, Ovidiu Gramesc, Lulu de Hillerin, Alexandru Baltă, Corina Florescu, Agatha Vornicu, Ivona Velicu, Larisa Man, Bogdan Orcula, Georgiana Teleman, Ivy Chumley, Lora Djurovic, Sămărtean Carina, Anne Ampawan, Ioana Cheregi, Beatrice Rubică, Oana-Maria Dragne, Alexandra Pater, Catalina Stanciu, Ruxandra E. Bularca, Larisa Dobrin, Lavinia Pop Coman, Luisa Vasu, Theodora Popa, Cosmina Lirca, Anca Loghin, Delia Tărcăoanu, Adi Mihaela Dana, Teodora Suciu, Goata Cristina, Irina Toncean, Laura Ioana Petric, Patricia Pataki, Marieta Top, Lorena Râpea, Raluca Bălănean, Patricia Carmen Chișcariu, Carmen Pataki, German Anamaria, Andreea Fülöp, Nica Constantin, Bors Mircea, Liviu Ardeleanu and everybody who was on the set.